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Special Edition of “The Labor Show”

Congressman Donald Norcross (D-NJ-1) joined refining industry workers and other industry representatives for a conversation about America’s growing energy crisis. Read More...

"Our regional refineries are facing an existential threat caused by the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS); a well-intentioned federal program that is not operating as Congress intended."

"While many large, multi-national oil companies have the ability to blend renewables, many of the smaller, independent refining companies in our region like Monroe Energy and PBF Energy do not. As a result, we must purchase compliance credits in order to satisfy our RFS obligations." - Shannon Watkins, Vice President, Operations Leader, Monroe Energy

"The market prices for a biodiesel RIN or a corn ethanol RIN are surpassing all-time high levels."

"In May of 2020, the price of RINS was 36 cents, and in May 2021, it has now reached $1.86. I understand that this price volatility creates significant difficulties for independent merchant refineries to plan and comply with the RFS." - Senator Bob Casey

"Trading of these RINS is completely out of the picture of what we’re trying to do.”

“The idea of creating this commodity sounded good, looked good on paper, but the reality is it's making a few people very rich, and it is creating havoc for the rest of America.”

- Congressman Donald Norcross (D-1-NJ)

"That is a win for corn farmers across the Midwest, but at the same time is a win for blue-collar union members who work in refineries that are being bankrupted by a regulatory system that isn't working."

-Senator Ted Cruz